Party Like You’re In Vegas (Even at a Distance!)

We all know the drill: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Why? Because Sin City is a world apart. In few places can you party 24/7 with the most energetic of crowds and shamelessly unleash your inner party animal without thinking about the consequences. Crazy open bars, epic live DJs and band performances, delicious brunches that practically get started at 3pm in the afternoon, and the tempting possibility of becoming a millionaire overnight – this is just the beginning. Vegas is the devil’s paradise and who doesn’t want to dabble at least once in their life?

But not all of us can afford a weekend in Sin City and that’s why clubZone is here to teach you to party like a boss no matter where you are! At the same time, we have to tell you about your chance to win a free trip to Vegas from Vancouver’s newest sports bar The Locker Room. So go ahead and let us teach you how to have a great Vegas-style weekend now. Who knows? Maybe you could use your schooling to get down in the real thing soon!


Vegas is all about who’s in the VIP area (yeah, let’s not kid ourselves), so when you decide to go all in, make sure you’re hanging out with the right crew – we don’t want any party poopers. Ditch the pretentious and stick to the cool fellas. Your friends need to be in the mood for partying hard and be 100% up for bar hopping. Oh, and a clear schedule the next morning makes for a quick(er) recovery.

Party Like Its 1992

Let’s party like it’s 1992!


Do we need to say more? Choose your favourite liquor and turn on your engines the right way. We don’t recommend more than two though, because there will be a lot of champagne and expensive drinks (obviously) coming your way throughout the night. Extra points for body shots!


As you may know, gambling isn’t legalized everywhere. In order to create a Vegas vibe,  invite friends over for a round of Poker or Black Jack at your house. And don’t get stuck playing the whole night and never leaving the house – rule is the winner gets free drinks all night long, losers. TIP: make sure you’ll eventually run out of booze at home or this strategy may not work.

Waking Up In Vegas

“You gotta help me out… It’s all a blur last night”


The good thing about Sin City is that friends don’t necessarily get you the best treatment. Its all about shelling out. Do this and you may end up sitting next to Prince Harry or stumbling upon Katy Perry in the bathroom . What we really mean is this: VIP area is a must. When you choose the party, make sure you go big and you know you’ll be on the Vegas track.  The added bonus? Private booths with your friends make everyone around you super jealous. Who wants to stand in line waiting for the bouncer’s verdict? Live the life! #YOLO and make sure to order lots and lots of bubbly.


… and try to remember where you are the morning after! Vegas is all about where you’re going next – the party can’t stop! There are no last calls and endless vacations are what you seek – make it worth it. Find the hottest after hours spot in town to keep the party going in case your first choice shuts down before 6am. And for everyone’s sake, please be sure to have mints on hand before you go to the next round! Once the marathon party finally comes to end, recharge with a delicious breakfast, preferably with bottomless mimosas. Good morning, Mr. Hangover-of-the-year!


The fact is that the ultimate party destination in the USA has all the elements for you to go all out and have the most extreme clubbing experience ever. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

But how about living all this without spending a dime? Win a trip to Vegas from Vancouver’s newest sports bar! Come down to the Locker Room Club from April 1st-June 7th 2014, enjoy the great food, drinks, UFC events, and fill out a ballot or drop a business card in the bowl for a chance to win the best party weekend of your life!

Written by Carolina Galli

April in Vancouver: 5 Ways to Celebrate

Parties in Vancouver

According to the calendar, Spring time is here! Erm… you hear us, Canada? It’s time to put our gloves back in storage and grab our cold pints barehanded to celebrate the highly anticipated warmer days – well, at least technically.

So what should we do this April in Vancouver while we wait for the winter to finally go away and prepare our tank tops and hot bikini bods to be out and about soon? There’s nothing left but… to party, of course! ClubZone has put together a list of 5 parties and events you absolutely should not miss this month in Vancouver. Take a look and lets celebrate!

1. #HouseParty: Pre-game for the NHL playoffs

A great night out always starts off with a bunch of friends at someone’s house,  drink in hand and great conversation flowing. With the NHL playoffs kicking off early, this is the perfect excuse to start drinking even earlier – not that you actually need one, eh! Throw your own NHL playoffs party to warm up for the night ahead and make things interesting with a ‘Maple Leaf Cocktail’! This cocktail resembles a spiced up martini with a delicious heavy Canadian twist, thanks to the punch of our Canadian whiskey and our beloved maple syrup. All you need is:

• ¼ oz. lemon juice
• ½oz. Canadian maple syrup
• 1 oz. Crown Royal Whiskey

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake, babe, shake. Drain the blend into a martini glass enjoy along with an exciting  hockey match. Sip slowly as you think about all the bad decisions you’ll probably make in a few hours. Check the official NHL playoffs schedule HERE to plan your night. #GoCanucks!


2. #FoodParty: Surrender to the deliciousness of a food truck

Whether you have no time to cook or just love having someone else do it for you, there is no denying  that food trucks are the bomb. And when it comes to quality, quantity and proximity, food trucks are a great option for killing those cravings!  Pizza, sushi, grilled cheese, tacos, burgers… you name it, they have it. Check streetfoodapp or download the app on your phone to learn about about all the food trucks around the city and their time-schedule. Bon Appétit!

Street Food Trucks

3. #HardstyleParty: Get down and dirty with Headhunterz

When: this Friday, April 11th @ Gossip

If you like it hard, this is the party for you. Dutch phenomenon Headhunterz is invading the decks at one of the hottest clubs in Vancouver, Gossip. Expect hardstyle beats bleeding out of the speakers that will  keep you fist-pumping all night long! First round of tickets is already sold out, so hurry up and secure your tickets ASAP HERE. Not to be missed!

Headhunterz Live

4. #PsyParty: Trance away with Infected Mushroom

When: this Saturday, April 12th @ Soundlab

This show is not for the faint of heart. The legends of the psy-trance genre, the Israel-bred, LA-based duo ‘Infected Mushroom’ are coming this Saturday to drop a breathtaking, live set. Their shows are renowned for including psychedelic visuals that lay as the backdrop for their enigmatic vocals, hypnotic arrangements and psy-trippy synthetic rhythms. This is without a doubt the ideal recipe to get ‘infected’ this Saturday night! Get your tickets now.

Infected Mushroom Live

5. #UFCParty: Check out The Locker Room Pub

When: Something special every night! Check their party schedule.

Lets be honest: it’s hard to find a place that’s a ton of fun and doesn’t require you to spend every last penny.  But at The Locker Room Pub you’ll always find the best ingredients to make it a great night out. Pool tables, karaoke and sports are combined with amazing food, great music and a chill ambiance that does not disappoint. If you want to get your money’s worth, get there early and enjoy a delicious meal for less than $5 (3pm-7pm), then keep the party going with the rotating drink specials and an awesome selection of 12 beers on tap. For sports fans, The Locker Room offers many special nights broadcasting different events. On April 26th, they invite you to get your boxing gloves on and watch Jones vs Teixeira #UFC172 fight – get on the list with ClubZone.

PS: To all you instagram junkies: The Locker Room Pub has wifi. However, we encourage everyone to play the phone stacking game and maybe score a few drinks off your tech-addict friends ;)

The Locker Room Pub

Written by Carolina Galli