How Much Would Your Favorite Artist Charge You?

Ever wondered how much it would cost to have your favorite artist playing at your own party? An anonymous source within the American booking agency Degy Entertainment has leaked a list of rates suggested by artists’ agents per show. The numbers aren’t set in stone, but you get a ballpark figure of the actual cost.

The costs range from a mere 1,000 dollars to over a staggering $1 million, depending on your artist choice. Sebastian Ingrosso, Calvin Harris and Avicii each request about $100K to $200k, while Deadmau5 will put up a live PA for $200K to $250k. Tiesto, well known for having outrageous ticket prices per gig, asks for roughly $200K to $400K (nearly half a mil!) to rock your dance floor.

Despite the leaked list, it’s never been a secret that these artists get paid a lot. And the booking fee is directly related to the overall amount of net income they are able to generate. Let’s look at one of the most impressive acts in the world: The iconic thrash/metal band Metallica. According to Billboard’s current Boxcore Report, they garnered an impressive gross profit of $24 million in one week of work, which includes their South America tour last March. Not bad, huh?

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Estadio do Morumbi – Sao Paulo, BRA
Date: Mar. 22nd, 2014
Gross Sales: $5,701,630
Attendance/Capacity: 61,742/ 63,347
Ticket Prices: $257.68, $77.30

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Estadio Unico Ciudad de La Plata – Buenos Aires, ARG
Date: Mar. 29th-30th, 2014
Gross Sales: $4,719,390
Attendance/Capacity: 76,407 / 79,038
Ticket Prices: $124.87, $31.22

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Parque Bicentenario – Quito, ECU
Date: Mar. 18th, 2014
Gross Sales: $3,877,959
Attendance/Capacity: 32,257 / 32,257
Ticket Prices: $225, $30

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Estadio Monumental – Santiago, CHL
Date: Mar. 27th, 2014
Gross Sales: $3,508,790
Attendance/Capacity: 43,296 / 43,296
Ticket Prices: $170.18, $48.37

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Parque Simon Bolivar – Bogota, COL
Date: Mar. 16th, 2014
Gross Sales: $2,857,030
Attendance/Capacity: 30,974 / 34,137
Ticket Prices: $156.23, $73.23

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Jockey Club – Asuncion, PAR
Date: Mar. 24th, 2014
Gross Sales: $2,256,140
Attendance/Capacity: 28,277 / 32,200
Ticket Prices: $223.81, $40.29

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Estadio Nacional – Lima, PER
Date: Mar. 20th, 2014
Gross Sales: $1,925,090
Attendance/Capacity: 27,858 / 31,600
Ticket Prices: $164.23, $18.95

This $24-million gross profit is the total revenue minus all expenses with the venue, promoters, managers, and the overall production of the show. The amount Metallica is actually taking home is much less. Although they haven’t made it to the leaked list, we bet you would still need to spend over $1 million to get them to play for your own party.

If you’re short on cash, you should go for some acts that have not been in the spotlight for a long time, like 90s rap artist Coolio (he penned the classic anthem “Gangasta’s Paradise”) for $20K, kitschy boy band Hanson ($25K) , or post-grunge group Hoobastank ($20K to 30k). But we’d probably choose EDM divas Nervo ($25K to $35k) over them any time.

PS: We thought the Black Eyed Peas announced their long-overdue retirement last year? Well, you can still get them off their couches for a mere $500K.

– Carolina Galli

5 Moments That Make It A Perfect Night Out


What makes a perfect night out? For each person it’s a different combination: some hit the club for the music and, if everything else fails,  will still consider it the party of their lives – especially if they’re crazy about the artist (guilty!). Some go for the booze – either planning on getting blackout on the cheapest open bar in town (we’ve all done that) or by enjoying fancy cocktails from their favorite bartender. Others go for the booties – no explanation needed.

Still, there are certain things that take your night to the next level every time, those things that determine whether or not you ditch your Netflix night in favor of a hangover. But trust us, after reading this you’ll be starting the countdown for the weekend with us!

1. Meeting New People

How cliché, right? But partying is, indeed, one of the best ways to get to know new people. If you’re attending the same party, you at least have one interest in common – so, there you have it: a conversation starter.

These are the people who can later become great friends or simply party acquaintances for when all your other whipped friends won’t go out or your broke ones scraping together coins until the next pay day. Not to mention that if you have enough charisma, you can even get in a little networking – you never know when you’ll find a friend of a friend of a friend might just help you out in the future. And yeah, we’re including a possible fling here as well. Make sure that, if you go with a group of friends, you’re open to mingle with others – that’s how you make friends!

PS: this only really works if you see that new “bff” again. Get some numbers before you lose your phone!


2. Getting away from reality

Why is everyone always counting down to the weekend? We aren’t all lucky enough to be able to shell out for partying during the week (or deal with the consequences). Being a semi-adult means sometimes worrying about the ungodly early hour that we’ll have to wake up the next day. So find the perfect spot to spend your precious night off and forget about all the bull for a good, long while.

Parties – nightclubs in particular – are a world apart from reality. You can surrender to the music, listen to other people yap about their own lives and just plain old forget about yourself for a while – so embrace the moment and enjoy the trip. A few drinks always do the trick, but don’t over do it, because hangovers are your worst enemy. PS: extra points if you are able to control the urge to tweet every 5 mins about how amaaaazing your night has been, suckers!

3. Having problem-solving epiphanies

Whether it is with your friends, the bartender or that new “bff” you met in the bathroom – and already invited to your birthday party next week (because she totally gets you, you know?) – having deep conversations about… anything is very liberating. It might be about the last movie you saw, and you’re still debating the ending, or maybe what you will do with your life after you quit your dead-end job and follow your dream to become a <insert here>. But, look, there’s a very thin line between being an interesting insightful human being who can listen to other people’s opinions and being an arrogant know-it-all douche. Don’t be that guy!

PS: These life-changing insights start coming after the third drink, right about the same time as everyone in the bar within a 5-foot radius becomes more attractive – and you, even more charming, funny and witty.

4. Discovering a new favorite song

This one is for the music junkies: there’s nothing more rewarding than listening to a great track for the first time at the right place. Call us old-fashioned, but music is the fuel of a great night. Even if you don’t pay attention to it entirely, even if you’re not the kind that chooses the place solely for the music, a disastrous soundtrack affects your overall experience. But from time to time the rare perfect storm comes together, between a sip or two a song will hypnotize you and give you the uncontrollable urge to beg the DJ for the name of that perfect jam. It will be the song you’ll play on repeat for the next week, annoying your neighbors and powering your push-ups at the gym. PS: Make sure to have a great pair of headphones or speakers to relive the ultimate club experience. In the case of the latter, we encourage you to not give a rat’s ass about your neighbor (we kid, we kid).


5. Tasting the best. food. ever.

After long night of drinking, we all know the end game: your stomach becomes a bottomless pit around 3 a.m. leading to you screaming from the mountaintops for your “DAMN PIZZA!”.  That very first mouthwatering bite of that luscious burrito, pepperoni pizza, greasy poutine or ultra-cheesy mac’n’cheese tastes better than anything you have ever tried in your entire life! Who cares about that healthy diet you started last Monday? You want all the greasy carbs you can take because that food, my friend, will never be as great as when you eat it drunk. Oh, the munchies!

Have we convinced you to start planning your next night out yet? Check out our upcoming parties and choose your favorite. Whether you incorporate one or all five of these moments, we know its going to be an awesome night.

Written by Carolina Galli

Top 10 Party Fouls

party pooper

Okay, so using the words ‘party foul’ is kind of a party foul. However, there are definitely some unspoken, universally understood rules out there of what constitutes as a party foul. Whether it’s letting the bodily functions fly or an accidental spill of a full beer, here is a list of 10 things NOT to do while partying. Unfortunately, you’ve likely witnessed all of these tragic party occurrences.

Passing out
What does it mean to party? To dance, to be energetic, to have fun – it’s hard to do this when you’re asleep at some random table while people draw Sharpie penises on your face. With alcohol – know your limit and stay within it otherwise you’ll ruin your night and whoever draws the short straw to take you home!

Throwing up
This no-no can be tamed as long as the projectile vomit is projected into the toilet! However, people always find a way to miss and get puke in the sink, the floor or some poor girl’s purse. If you feel you’re last martini coming up to say hello, run don’t walk to the nearest bathroom.

Note to all the fighters out there – just because the booze gave you confidence doesn’t mean it gave you extra muscle mass. Not only is it probable to get your ass kicked and banned from whichever venue you are in, you’ll ruin other peoples night and be known as ‘that asshole’.

Spilling a drink
It doesn’t matter if it was on purpose or an accident, spilling a drink is borderline unforgiveable, especially if it’s not your drink! The only way to mend such an action is to follow the golden rule which is – you spill someone’s drink, you get them a new one! Karma people!

Breaking something
Drunken people and shattered glass is a bad combination! Watch your dramatic flailing arms as you tell the most amazing story EVER!

Failing a keg stand…
…or a beer bong, or chugging etc. Being a disappointment on any of these tasks sucks, particularly when you have people harping on how lame you are. Try to keep your head high and start training for the next party.

Doing the nasty in someone else’s bed…
…or in any space that doesn’t belong to you! Just remember what your mother taught you, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Lovin’ in someone else’s boudoir is gross and disrespectful.

Helping yourself
Did you buy that beer? Were you offered that beer? Is it an open bar? If the answer is no then don’t take the beer! Again, it comes down to respect and future beer karma.

Talking about something stressful
It’s a party. People are there to let loose, let go of their everyday stresses and have fun. It’s hard to do that when someone’s being a major Debbie Downer discussing final exams and plane crashes.

Clogging the toilet
This goes along well with the no throwing up policy. With all that liquid running through everyone’s system, the bathroom is an essential place to keep in working order. Using up all the toilet paper is also a huge no.

Now that you know what not to do, head over to to have an awesome time at a great party!

Written by Kayleigh Lum