NYE Dress Code 101: Know Your Style

nye dress code 101

If you’ve browsed carefully through our awesome party compilation for New Years 2014, you certainly noticed that most of them require a specific dress code. You’ll often find warnings such as “absolutely no jeans” and “dress to impress”, not only for hotel events and theme parties, but also at some nightclubs, which won’t let you in if you look like you just got out of bed without even brushing your teeth.

Dude, it’s the last night of the year, make a little effort, will you? You don’t have to spend half of your day getting ready for the big night – it’s not your wedding either – but we all know that ladies dig a man in a suit, and there’s nothing like a girl that knows how to dress classy! Well, it’s ok to spend hours in front of the mirror, but not because you have no idea what the differences between business informal, black tie and casual attire are.

We’re here to give you a hand so you can welcome 2014 looking your best. We’ve highlighted three of the most recurring dress codes amongst our New Years Eve events. Now simply double check the requirements of the event you’re going to, put on your fedora and read on:

Smart Casual
It’s what you should normally wear to a nightclub. Far from laid-back yet not too fancy, just charming enough to show that you’re effortlessly gorgeous – you know, just like Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence after waking up.

smart casual

Gents: It’s the only time you can wear dressy jeans and be the bomb. Your denim shouldn’t be punky; avoid holes and that wear-out look, unless you really can make it work. Choose the unmistakable dark indigo. Pairing your jeans with a trendy sport coat gives you an edge and you can even bring it up a notch with a cardigan or a waistcoat while accessorizing with a tie. If you can pull off the look, it’s the time to use a “tee + blazer” combo and look like a runaway model.

Ladies: Ditch the denim, no midriffs showing and, please, no tiaras – you’re not the prom queen. Pick a dress that is not too informal, like a sundress you would wear on a Sunday shopping spree, and yet not too formal like a sparkling evening gown. If you’re choosing trousers, pick wide legs that are red hot this season, or a stylish cropped pair of cigarette pants. The best idea is to pick something simple and accessorise it with great shoes, which can be either stylish flats or heeled pumps.

This is most likely the requested attired to the parties that present you with a red carpet. Speaking of which, all movie premiers and fashion magazines editorials are a great inspiration for you to pull off the look required here.


Gents: a well-tailored suit, shirt and maybe even throw in a tie. These parties request more sophistication than the previous one, so the absolutely-no-jeans policy applies here. Choose a trendy suit and even play with colors – light colored suits are great for NYE cruise parties, and you will definitely stand out from the black-suit army.

Ladies: Time to get your classic little black dress out for a show. You can opt for a short evening dress and even two dressy separates. Avoid long prom-inspired dresses with too much going on at the same time. Keep it classy choosing an elegant cocktail dress and you’ll be the star of the party. Think: Taylor Swift.

Formal, Black-Tie or Black-Tie Optional
Time to get all glammed up. Even though we all know that after 1am y’all be throwing your high heels and ties aside, there’s nothing like entering a fully decorated venue with well-groomed sexy people all around. Most NYE hotel events strictly enforce this dress code, so make sure you’re dressed to the nines or you’re not going to be allowed into the venue. Plus, other than your friend’s wedding, where else will you have the opportunity to really say that all the time in front of the mirror paid off?


Gents: you should wear a tuxedo with all the bling-blings included (vest, cummerbunds, and cufflinks. Formal generally is the same as Black-Tie, but in some trendier cities like New York or Los Angeles, you could choose to opt for a black shirt, no tie with a tux. If it’s Black-tie optional, the tuxedo is not required, but still appropriate if you feel like it. Nice shiny leather shoes are essential. Unless you’re Michael Jackson, DO NOT use white socks with black shoes. And, remember: an hour at the gym is worth two at the tailor! ;)

Ladies: choose a long floor-length fancy dress – it’s your time to let your Red Carpet diva out. Take inspiration from the celebs and, this time, you can invest in glitter if you feel like letting it all out. One nice piece of jewelry will be the cherry on the cake. Make sure to wear comfortable high heels, because they need to be stylish but also support you for an entire night of nonstop dancing!