10 Things to Know Before Setting Foot in a Music Festival

Going to any music festival is an adventure. Thousands of people gather to see dozens of the hottest artists playing several different stages at the same time. Here at clubZone, many of us have learned the hard way how NOT being prepared for a music festival sucks, and we don’t want you to suffer like we did. Here are 10 tips to help you  avoid the pitfalls and be ready to have an amazing time.

#10 Comfortable shoes are a must. You’re going to walk. A lot. From the minute you park your car (possibly miles and miles away from the campsite) it is going to be nonstop walking: jumping from stage to stage, grabbing drinks, heading for the bathroom. And it can always rain, so wear shoes that will protect you from the mud (and that you don’t mind getting a little dirty).

#9 Going to the bathroom is a marathon. Chemical bathrooms (portable toilets) are a piece of work. No matter how many they put in the venue, there will never be enough. Expect long lines, no toilet paper in sight, sticky floors (with who knows what on them), and a not-so-pleasant smell. (It always makes you wonder about whether or not you should have the next beer). Pro tip: Avoid the lines by going before the next big act goes on, or five minutes before your artist is set to end their performance.

#8 You’re going to lose your friends. This usually happens when you’re out to get a drink at the bar, or hurrying to the bathroom thinking, “I’ll be right back.” No, you won’t. And you probably won’t see your friends until the next artist comes onstage, if you’re lucky. These places are usually far, far away from the madness you and you’re friends are, and it’s not easy to spot a familiar face with thousands of people jumping up and down in front of you, especially after that third drink. Pro tip: Make sure you always bring one friend along to join you in any of these excursions, so you’ll at least have each other until you meet back up with your group.

#7 You will make new friends. Festivals open up a whole new world, making it very easy to make friends with random people. Maybe you walk and stumble upon them…you spill a drink, apologize, and BAM–the conversation starts flowing. Or you wait in line for a drink for 20 (long) minutes, and you click over how hard it is to get served in this place (“I know, right?”) Or you freak out about how awesome that DJ is, and the person right next to you is their no. 1 fan, too. There are endless possibilities.


#6 It’s essential to bring a backpack. You’re going to spend the day (or longer) partying hard. Pack your bag with the essentials: a tent, shirt, towel, bottle of water, SUNSCREEN, and toilet paper. If you have no idea where to begin, ask your experienced friends what they usually bring with them. We can’t stress enough how essential is to check the rules for each event before you leave. Sometimes, you can carry a small bottle of water and a few snacks, while other times these items get confiscated. So check their website beforehand. Pro tip: Pack light, because you’re going to be carrying this weight everywhere with you.

#5 Mind your booze ingestion. There’s nothing worse than getting drunk to the point of missing all the fun–or being the party pooper and ruining everyone else’s. Drink moderately, and be sure to have plenty of water in between.

#4 Get the early-birds. The ticket prices increase absurdly as it comes closer to the event, so nab the tickets as soon as they go on sale. That way, you can spend the rest of your money on all the overpriced beer to keep you pumped. Pro tip: Check to see if you can grab pre-sale tickets; you’ll save even more usually.

#3 Read about the event before going. Again, these places are huge, and there are several artists playing at the same time on different stages that are far away from each other. Decide which performances you want to attend before you get there. This will make your life so much easier. Also, there’ll be plenty of other activities taking place onsite. Many of them have hidden gems, such as promotional areas, massage parlors, relaxing lounges, and art expositions. Go explore!

#2 Leave the headliners earlier. Yeah we know who you’re coming to see, and that you struggled 40 minutes just to get THIS close to the stage. But so will everyone else around you. And when the main act finishes the last song, everyone will want to leave at the same time. The result? CHAOS. People pushing you, stumping on your feet… and if you haven’t lost your friends by now, you will at this point. If they’re the last performance, the exit queue will be even worse. So be smart and leave before the sky falls down and you lose your cool.

#1 Put away your phone. Don’t be the douche putting your arms up and disturbing everyone behind you with your phone or tablet every five seconds. Taking a few pictures every once in a while is cool, but don’t make this your priority. Keep in mind the best experiences aren’t captured on film–live in the moment. Music festivals are liberating experiences when done right, so  enjoy your time!

Carolina Galli

Party Like You’re In Vegas (Even at a Distance!)

We all know the drill: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Why? Because Sin City is a world apart. In few places can you party 24/7 with the most energetic of crowds and shamelessly unleash your inner party animal without thinking about the consequences. Crazy open bars, epic live DJs and band performances, delicious brunches that practically get started at 3pm in the afternoon, and the tempting possibility of becoming a millionaire overnight – this is just the beginning. Vegas is the devil’s paradise and who doesn’t want to dabble at least once in their life?

But not all of us can afford a weekend in Sin City and that’s why clubZone is here to teach you to party like a boss no matter where you are! At the same time, we have to tell you about your chance to win a free trip to Vegas from Vancouver’s newest sports bar The Locker Room. So go ahead and let us teach you how to have a great Vegas-style weekend now. Who knows? Maybe you could use your schooling to get down in the real thing soon!


Vegas is all about who’s in the VIP area (yeah, let’s not kid ourselves), so when you decide to go all in, make sure you’re hanging out with the right crew – we don’t want any party poopers. Ditch the pretentious and stick to the cool fellas. Your friends need to be in the mood for partying hard and be 100% up for bar hopping. Oh, and a clear schedule the next morning makes for a quick(er) recovery.

Party Like Its 1992

Let’s party like it’s 1992!


Do we need to say more? Choose your favourite liquor and turn on your engines the right way. We don’t recommend more than two though, because there will be a lot of champagne and expensive drinks (obviously) coming your way throughout the night. Extra points for body shots!


As you may know, gambling isn’t legalized everywhere. In order to create a Vegas vibe,  invite friends over for a round of Poker or Black Jack at your house. And don’t get stuck playing the whole night and never leaving the house – rule is the winner gets free drinks all night long, losers. TIP: make sure you’ll eventually run out of booze at home or this strategy may not work.

Waking Up In Vegas

“You gotta help me out… It’s all a blur last night”


The good thing about Sin City is that friends don’t necessarily get you the best treatment. Its all about shelling out. Do this and you may end up sitting next to Prince Harry or stumbling upon Katy Perry in the bathroom . What we really mean is this: VIP area is a must. When you choose the party, make sure you go big and you know you’ll be on the Vegas track.  The added bonus? Private booths with your friends make everyone around you super jealous. Who wants to stand in line waiting for the bouncer’s verdict? Live the life! #YOLO and make sure to order lots and lots of bubbly.


… and try to remember where you are the morning after! Vegas is all about where you’re going next – the party can’t stop! There are no last calls and endless vacations are what you seek – make it worth it. Find the hottest after hours spot in town to keep the party going in case your first choice shuts down before 6am. And for everyone’s sake, please be sure to have mints on hand before you go to the next round! Once the marathon party finally comes to end, recharge with a delicious breakfast, preferably with bottomless mimosas. Good morning, Mr. Hangover-of-the-year!


The fact is that the ultimate party destination in the USA has all the elements for you to go all out and have the most extreme clubbing experience ever. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

But how about living all this without spending a dime? Win a trip to Vegas from Vancouver’s newest sports bar! Come down to the Locker Room Club from April 1st-June 7th 2014, enjoy the great food, drinks, UFC events, and fill out a ballot or drop a business card in the bowl for a chance to win the best party weekend of your life!

Written by Carolina Galli

5 Moments That Make It A Perfect Night Out


What makes a perfect night out? For each person it’s a different combination: some hit the club for the music and, if everything else fails,  will still consider it the party of their lives – especially if they’re crazy about the artist (guilty!). Some go for the booze – either planning on getting blackout on the cheapest open bar in town (we’ve all done that) or by enjoying fancy cocktails from their favorite bartender. Others go for the booties – no explanation needed.

Still, there are certain things that take your night to the next level every time, those things that determine whether or not you ditch your Netflix night in favor of a hangover. But trust us, after reading this you’ll be starting the countdown for the weekend with us!

1. Meeting New People

How cliché, right? But partying is, indeed, one of the best ways to get to know new people. If you’re attending the same party, you at least have one interest in common – so, there you have it: a conversation starter.

These are the people who can later become great friends or simply party acquaintances for when all your other whipped friends won’t go out or your broke ones scraping together coins until the next pay day. Not to mention that if you have enough charisma, you can even get in a little networking – you never know when you’ll find a friend of a friend of a friend might just help you out in the future. And yeah, we’re including a possible fling here as well. Make sure that, if you go with a group of friends, you’re open to mingle with others – that’s how you make friends!

PS: this only really works if you see that new “bff” again. Get some numbers before you lose your phone!


2. Getting away from reality

Why is everyone always counting down to the weekend? We aren’t all lucky enough to be able to shell out for partying during the week (or deal with the consequences). Being a semi-adult means sometimes worrying about the ungodly early hour that we’ll have to wake up the next day. So find the perfect spot to spend your precious night off and forget about all the bull for a good, long while.

Parties – nightclubs in particular – are a world apart from reality. You can surrender to the music, listen to other people yap about their own lives and just plain old forget about yourself for a while – so embrace the moment and enjoy the trip. A few drinks always do the trick, but don’t over do it, because hangovers are your worst enemy. PS: extra points if you are able to control the urge to tweet every 5 mins about how amaaaazing your night has been, suckers!

3. Having problem-solving epiphanies

Whether it is with your friends, the bartender or that new “bff” you met in the bathroom – and already invited to your birthday party next week (because she totally gets you, you know?) – having deep conversations about… anything is very liberating. It might be about the last movie you saw, and you’re still debating the ending, or maybe what you will do with your life after you quit your dead-end job and follow your dream to become a <insert here>. But, look, there’s a very thin line between being an interesting insightful human being who can listen to other people’s opinions and being an arrogant know-it-all douche. Don’t be that guy!

PS: These life-changing insights start coming after the third drink, right about the same time as everyone in the bar within a 5-foot radius becomes more attractive – and you, even more charming, funny and witty.

4. Discovering a new favorite song

This one is for the music junkies: there’s nothing more rewarding than listening to a great track for the first time at the right place. Call us old-fashioned, but music is the fuel of a great night. Even if you don’t pay attention to it entirely, even if you’re not the kind that chooses the place solely for the music, a disastrous soundtrack affects your overall experience. But from time to time the rare perfect storm comes together, between a sip or two a song will hypnotize you and give you the uncontrollable urge to beg the DJ for the name of that perfect jam. It will be the song you’ll play on repeat for the next week, annoying your neighbors and powering your push-ups at the gym. PS: Make sure to have a great pair of headphones or speakers to relive the ultimate club experience. In the case of the latter, we encourage you to not give a rat’s ass about your neighbor (we kid, we kid).


5. Tasting the best. food. ever.

After long night of drinking, we all know the end game: your stomach becomes a bottomless pit around 3 a.m. leading to you screaming from the mountaintops for your “DAMN PIZZA!”.  That very first mouthwatering bite of that luscious burrito, pepperoni pizza, greasy poutine or ultra-cheesy mac’n’cheese tastes better than anything you have ever tried in your entire life! Who cares about that healthy diet you started last Monday? You want all the greasy carbs you can take because that food, my friend, will never be as great as when you eat it drunk. Oh, the munchies!

Have we convinced you to start planning your next night out yet? Check out our upcoming parties and choose your favorite. Whether you incorporate one or all five of these moments, we know its going to be an awesome night.

Written by Carolina Galli

How to get a DJ gig

Author: Cory J
How to Get a DJ Gig
So your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to go from bedroom dj’ing to headlining the top clubs and parties around the world? We know it can seem like a pretty daunting task. Luckily for you our clubZone industry experts have compiled a surefire, step by step guide that will show you how to get dj gigs and start your road to superstardom today!   
Markus Schulz Learned How to DJ with clubZone!


Step 1 – Image is Everything
No one’s going to book you if you don’t look good. Good thing that modern cameras and Photoshop make it easy for almost anyone to get professional promo photos done. Don’t have a camera yourself? Not to worry! You can always convince a photographer friend to take the pictures for you, they’ll be happy to work for free in exchange for future cuts of your royalties. 
When getting your photos done remember the three golden rules of dj promo photography:
  • Never stare at the camera, always up and to the left
  • Position yourself in front of an epic landscape (if you can’t find one a brick wall is equally acceptable)
  • Wear your headphones, this will make you seem avant-garde
DJ Kaskade promo picture
(Looking down and right is acceptable too, headphones just out of frame)


Step 2 – Make Friends
Befriending promoters and other djs is your best shot at getting a dj gig. This is best done by finding a night to play at then becoming a regular. Show up early, buy lots of drinks, and stay until the end of the night; wash, rinse, repeat until the promoter starts noticing you.
Nightclub Promoter
Pro tip! Your lazy, image conscious friends will usually not want to head down to the clubs early with you.  Use this alone time to network!  Lurk around the dj booth and scream at the dj every time they play a song that you own (be sure to tell them about the remix that you got from your friend in England that blows their version out of the water).  Find the promoter and ask them to add you as a friend on Facebook (once added, message them with your promo photos so they can see that you fit the image of their night). 
Once a promoter knows your face (promo shots) and knows that you can dj (only other djs are cool enough lurk around the dj booth) they may begin to consider you as potential candidate to dj. 
Step 3 – Play for Free

Promoters are money hungry ego-maniacs with hearts as black as coal. Fortunately you can appeal to these overlords of the nightlife scene by talking cold hard cash, or in this case, lack of. Appeal to the promoter’s business side by offering to play an opening slot for free. Sweeten the deal by proclaiming that you have a massive following and will bring down 50 paid covers for a 9pm slot. Once the promoter accepts your offer spend the next week feverishly spamming everyone on your social network list to get them to attend your night. 

Judge Jules after learning How to DJ with clubZone
(Congratulations, you’re a dj!)
Be a Girl

Girls, the steps that you must follow to get a dj gig are slightly different.  Fast track your DJ career by following step 1 (image is everything) but, substitute tight clothing or a bikini in place of the brick wall/landscape… make sure that you wear your headphones, this is critical!  Once you have photoshopped your photos make them your Facebook profile pictures. Then simply sit back and watch gig requests flood your wall and inbox! 

How to get DJ gigs if you're a girl


(Congratulations you’re a dj!)