Deep Dish (re)UNITE!

Holy shit. Deep Dish is BACK! If you remember, this legendary electronic music duo, made up of Sharam Tayebi and Ali Shirazinia (aka Dubfire), was at the forefront of the movement right before they split in 2006. Just like that. Leaving us all in the lurch wondering where in the hell they had gone and what had made them stop making musical love in the first place. They already had one Grammy Award win under their belts for their high-profile remix of Dido’s “Thank You” and were raking in the dough on shows! They were one of the first American Dance acts to grab the whole world’s attention. What could have possibly made them stop?

Apparently the two DJs weren’t seeing eye to eye and the decision was eventually made to split. Both of the nightlife-obsessed Iranian best friends kept up their careers, producing and DJing separately. Dubfire dug his heels in deep to the minimal techno scene while Sharam kept his skills sharp spinning house and progressive.

The two friends must have had unfinished business, though, because they officially confirmed the release of their new single as a DUO, called Quincy (see above), which was debuted on Valentine’s Day (a sign of continued commitment between the previously feuding pair?). The single will be available as of March 31st so keep your eyes open for that on the interwebs.

Also, if you are one of the lucky ones to be in Miami during Ultra Music Festival, you may just be in the right place at the right time to see Deep Dish together LIVE in all their glory (unless of course you are actually going to Ultra in which case you wont). Deep Dish will be putting on a show at The Ice Palace on Saturday March 29 – the first in 8 years! A tour is inevitable but no one knows when those dates will be announced. Of course, gotta keep the hype up.

Sharam compared Deep Dish’s influence to that of Led Zepplin’s, saying that both had “captured the imagination of their era”. If they really are getting back together they have the potential to capture the imagination of the current generation too. Lets get to work, boys!


Putin The Party Pooper

Looks like those attending The Sochi Olympics have one more thing to worry about on top of security threats and really weird toilet seat arrangements – where is everyone going to party at night? Russia’s widespread corruption has finally seemed to have gotten on Putin’s nerves, pushing him to crack down on corruption and misspending. But does he really have to pick on the nightclubs in vodka’s homeland? All those venues going into the newly built ski resort housing the olympic games, Rosa Khutor, just might not be getting as wild as originally expected.

Its logical that any self respecting leader would get a little nervous (we know a couple of things that would calm those nerves…). They originally put down USD 12 billion to make Rosa Khutor the hottest place to cool off after all that Olympic excitement. Then all of a sudden it was a whopping USD 51 billion dollars and counting that businesses were shelling out. Russia’s little problem with corruption isn’t really a secret and with all that new development for the Olympics it should have been obvious. Why you gotta take it out on our watering holes?!

So yes, shits getting weird in Russia…and we are not just talking about the way they drive. Everyone has been taking their unaccounted for cut of the massive Winter Olympics budget in Russia. And since its not out of the ordinary, in fact since its business as normal – just perhaps while managing many, many millions – its probably been pretty bad. Hence Putin’s needing to reassert himself and make sure everyone know just who is boss. Rumors are that Putin’s guys will be giving these businesses an extremely hard time, maybe even going as far as to confiscate property in the worst cases. That just might win him the gold medal for Biggest Party Pooper in the World, thank you very much.

Business owners such as Canada’s own Doug Steele, the 62 year old nightlife mogul that conceived the legendary Hungry Duck nightclub, famed for girls dancing on table tops after the lifting of the iron curtain, is among those affected by the threats. Everything was set up – including money, backers and venue – to start putting together one of the coolest places for weary athletes to re energize. However, after a tip from a friend in Sochi that Putin was going to crackdown on corruption in the Olympic village, Steele pulled out. Talk about a cold shower. It could have been great business, but with no way of keeping his hands clean, it just wasn’t worth the dancing on the table tops. And that’s a goddamn shame.

At the same time, economists say its Putin’s fault that this kind of corruption is doing so well in the first place. So what is this crackdown really for? We’re thinking its just because Putin is worried about all eyes on them for the Olympics and wants to make a statement. He’s making a statement all right; that Russia is no longer the capital of debauchery that it once was.

On the upside, Russia still has not cracked down on its vodka drinking. Bottoms up everyone! We’re gonna need it this year.

10 Things to look Forward to with New BC Liquor Laws

Photograph by: Oli Scarff, Getty Images

Photograph by: Oli Scarff, Getty Images

Finally someone has knocked some sense into the British Columbia Government! If you haven’t already heard, the 73 recommendations to finally rid us of those ridiculous liquor rules might soon be applied.

The Vancouver Sun reported on the gov’s change of heart mentioning all the ways that our drinking freedoms will no longer be imposed up! Is that too dramatic? Whatever, I’m sure you agree that half these laws are just dumb. Here is the low down on the most important changes we could see in the future and, in some cases, in the very near future:

1. No more fences around beer gardens. Sure it keeps the youngsters out, but it also keeps us in, like pigs in a pen! This will be a welcome change to the concert scene. Apparently it also means that drinks will be sold at more locations in, say, an outdoor concert. That should help the lines.

2. More drink varieties at sporting events. Thank you for this one. Listen, I’m not going to ask for a white russian or a strawberry daiquiri (unless you already have the machine of course) so just serve me something other than beer. (This one and #1 could even be in place as early as this summer!!)

3. Introduction of liquor sales in grocery stores. This would be a total hallelujah moment! How nice would it be to grab a 6-pack with your carton of milk? But hold your horses because there might be a glitch with this one; apparently it might be a “store-within-a-store” model, meaning existing liquor stores would have to move into grocery stores. And what liquor store with an already existing clientele and established location would want to move into a likely even smaller spot inside somewhere else? I see issues, but at least they are talking about it.

4. Hotel drinks can be brought to your hotel room. Currently guests are not allowed to carry their drinks up to their room – only hotel staff can do it, and between certain, limited hours only.

5. Happy Hour! Finally we can go into a restaurant for happy hour and actually get happy! Although, not without some other annoying limitations (are you surprised?). HH prices wouldn’t be able to dip below a certain number that is consistent with what health advocates say. Whatever, give me a 2×1 with a tiny discount and I’ll be happy we at least partly won. This would do away with the requirement that you order food with your drink in a primarily restaurant scene.

6. Kids can accompany parents into pubs. This one doesn’t affect me personally, but I can see why some young parents might find this law extremely annoying. On the other hand, does this mean I can’t scream obscenities in pubs anymore?

7. No more extensive paperwork for festivals organizers petitioning for a liquor license.  Apparently its a huge pain in the ass to get a liquor license for festivals because there is paperwork a mile long to go through before getting approved. The changes would make this process easier and all online. I like this. Sounds like there might be more festivals and more drinking in my future.

Photograph by: Stuart Davis, Vancouver Sun

Photograph by: Stuart Davis, Vancouver Sun

8. Family events can serve homemade beer and wine. Didn’t even know there were so many families trying to serve home brewskis! But hey, more power to the family reunions that just want to get drunk and dance!

9. SAMPLES and refillable growlers at liquor stores. Yup thats right ladies and gents, free and cheaper booze! Who cares if the former are in tiny little cups. At least liquor stores will be allowed to give people a sample before they leap over that jacked-up price cliff. For those looking for refills on their favorite brew, you’re the real lucky ones here since you can probably hit the place closer rather than the brewery itself.

10. Quality assurance for BC craft beer and artisan-spirits as well as license to sell at temporary retail sites. This will protect us from the not so great homemade brews. Anything to make my cold one taste even better is fine by me! As for the license for these small time brewers and distillers, now they can sell their goods at the farmers market.

So the moral of the story is things might be moving along. As they said, “they don’t happen overnight, but they will happen in some cases fairly quickly”. Translation: don’t hold your breath, but you might be able to get that daiquiri at your next sporting event after all.