April in Vancouver: 5 Ways to Celebrate

Parties in Vancouver

According to the calendar, Spring time is here! Erm… you hear us, Canada? It’s time to put our gloves back in storage and grab our cold pints barehanded to celebrate the highly anticipated warmer days – well, at least technically.

So what should we do this April in Vancouver while we wait for the winter to finally go away and prepare our tank tops and hot bikini bods to be out and about soon? There’s nothing left but… to party, of course! ClubZone has put together a list of 5 parties and events you absolutely should not miss this month in Vancouver. Take a look and lets celebrate!

1. #HouseParty: Pre-game for the NHL playoffs

A great night out always starts off with a bunch of friends at someone’s house,  drink in hand and great conversation flowing. With the NHL playoffs kicking off early, this is the perfect excuse to start drinking even earlier – not that you actually need one, eh! Throw your own NHL playoffs party to warm up for the night ahead and make things interesting with a ‘Maple Leaf Cocktail’! This cocktail resembles a spiced up martini with a delicious heavy Canadian twist, thanks to the punch of our Canadian whiskey and our beloved maple syrup. All you need is:

• ¼ oz. lemon juice
• ½oz. Canadian maple syrup
• 1 oz. Crown Royal Whiskey

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake, babe, shake. Drain the blend into a martini glass enjoy along with an exciting  hockey match. Sip slowly as you think about all the bad decisions you’ll probably make in a few hours. Check the official NHL playoffs schedule HERE to plan your night. #GoCanucks!


2. #FoodParty: Surrender to the deliciousness of a food truck

Whether you have no time to cook or just love having someone else do it for you, there is no denying  that food trucks are the bomb. And when it comes to quality, quantity and proximity, food trucks are a great option for killing those cravings!  Pizza, sushi, grilled cheese, tacos, burgers… you name it, they have it. Check streetfoodapp or download the app on your phone to learn about about all the food trucks around the city and their time-schedule. Bon Appétit!

Street Food Trucks

3. #HardstyleParty: Get down and dirty with Headhunterz

When: this Friday, April 11th @ Gossip

If you like it hard, this is the party for you. Dutch phenomenon Headhunterz is invading the decks at one of the hottest clubs in Vancouver, Gossip. Expect hardstyle beats bleeding out of the speakers that will  keep you fist-pumping all night long! First round of tickets is already sold out, so hurry up and secure your tickets ASAP HERE. Not to be missed!

Headhunterz Live

4. #PsyParty: Trance away with Infected Mushroom

When: this Saturday, April 12th @ Soundlab

This show is not for the faint of heart. The legends of the psy-trance genre, the Israel-bred, LA-based duo ‘Infected Mushroom’ are coming this Saturday to drop a breathtaking, live set. Their shows are renowned for including psychedelic visuals that lay as the backdrop for their enigmatic vocals, hypnotic arrangements and psy-trippy synthetic rhythms. This is without a doubt the ideal recipe to get ‘infected’ this Saturday night! Get your tickets now.

Infected Mushroom Live

5. #UFCParty: Check out The Locker Room Pub

When: Something special every night! Check their party schedule.

Lets be honest: it’s hard to find a place that’s a ton of fun and doesn’t require you to spend every last penny.  But at The Locker Room Pub you’ll always find the best ingredients to make it a great night out. Pool tables, karaoke and sports are combined with amazing food, great music and a chill ambiance that does not disappoint. If you want to get your money’s worth, get there early and enjoy a delicious meal for less than $5 (3pm-7pm), then keep the party going with the rotating drink specials and an awesome selection of 12 beers on tap. For sports fans, The Locker Room offers many special nights broadcasting different events. On April 26th, they invite you to get your boxing gloves on and watch Jones vs Teixeira #UFC172 fight – get on the list with ClubZone.

PS: To all you instagram junkies: The Locker Room Pub has wifi. However, we encourage everyone to play the phone stacking game and maybe score a few drinks off your tech-addict friends ;)

The Locker Room Pub

Written by Carolina Galli

90s Superstar DJs: What Are They Up To Now?

Ever wondered what happened to the big, Superstart DJs from the 90s? Back then the scene was far less glamorous than nowadays, when champagne did not spraying, cake throwing was not a thing and boat crowd surfing wasn’t the norm. Artists used vinyls and it was all for the love of music, because they weren’t making millions anytime soon. Its not wonder that  many ended up drifting away from the profession, looking for something more stable; some, however, are still rocking many a dance floor the world over. We’ve tracked down some of our favorite and most beloved EDM pioneers to see what they are up to in 2014.


This Brighton DJ has probably crafted one of the most long-term, steady careers in the business. He paved the way for happy and cheerful electronic music that would take over beach parties and grow big in our hearts after deciding to ditch his role as a bassist for socialist indie band Housmartins and embrace his EDM love. Fatboy Slim is infamous for being banned from playing in his hometown for four years after an innocent gig in 2002 attracted 250,000  music lovers instead of the expected 60,000. Good music, beach… we can’t blame him! Since then, he has become became a household name in the industry and continues to disrupt the peace with his Big Beach Boutique insane parties around the world.

Fatboy Slim is one of the very first DJs to reach the superstar status, and his wild rock’n’roll party style would put Oasis’ Gallagher brothers to shame. After a period of depression after the breakup of this first marriage, he surrendered to a life of heavy drinking, partying and drugs. Behind the decks, he was always high and E was his favorite drug – he was famously crucified over his claims that the drug cured his depression. “A friend gave it to me one night and I woke up the next morning grinning,” he stated at the time.

Nowadays, he’s very different from the party animal that used to own a pad entitled House of Love and snort cocaine from the train rails behind his residence. He has sobered up and avoided drinking even a single drop of alcohol since his infamous rehab stay in 2009. “Rehab taught me that being an alcoholic you can’t drink responsibly… so you can’t drink at all. So that’s the choice I made: to quit booze for good.”

Fatboy’s latest single Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat has been destroying dance floors worldwide for a while now, and it’s one of the most played tracks in the big festivals at the moment. We likey.

YouTube Preview Image


The iconic British House Music DJ is known as one of the original founders of the rave/club scene in the UK. He joined the BBC family in 1994 to run “Lovegroove Dance Party” on Radio 1, which lasted until 2002, which was the second longest running dance music show in radio history just after Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. Shortly after, in 2005, Danny announced his retirement with plans to open a restaurant.

“When I was a DJ I’d play on the weekend then chill out all week, which was lovely during the 1990s. But as I entered my 40s I got very restless for change. The lifestyle involves a lot of touring, flying around the world, spending weeks away from home and when you have kids it’s not easy”, he claimed.

After doing some work experience in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen, he aborted the project – we’re guessing Ramsay’s potty mouth might have scared him away. He then got involved in property development business, starting a company called Phoenix Trinity Design & Build. Even though he still does some gigs every once in a while since 2007, he spends his days building environmentally friendly houses.

The following year, Rampling released a book entitled ‘Everything you need to know about DJ’ing and success’, which serves as inspiration for the new breed of young DJs looking for guidance from a major player in the scene. Nowadays, you can catch him performing every now and then as a DJ, but his main focus remains with his eco-friendly company.

YouTube Preview Image


This Grammy nominated New Yorker is synonymous with outstanding remixes of 90’s pop anthems, from Madonna’s ‘Human Nature’ and Grace’s ‘Not Over Yet’, to Cher’s ‘All or Nothing’ and Jamiroquai’s ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’. Ah, the memories! In 1998, he graced NY with his presence during a residency at the massive club Tunnel and released ‘Elements’, a track from his album ‘Tourism’, that would top Billboard Dance Charts for two weeks.

Danny had an incredibly successful career, gracing the decks of the main festivals and nightclubs around the globe with his deep disco-fueled house sound and the hard-twisted techno for over three decades. If you were lucky enough might have seen him at places like  Webster Hall, Roxy, Pachá and Miami’s WMC .

In 2012, he posted on his Facebook page saying that he was “resigning” and took a break that, lucky for us, didn’t last too long. Nowadays he has been DJing around and you can catch him playing live every week somewhere in the US.

YouTube Preview Image


It’s not easy to find a group of musicians that lasts as long as the legendary Underworld. It’s been 27 years since they decided to venture into the music industry as a trio and 15 since the launch of their debut single ‘Mother Earth’/‘The Hump’.

Their guitar-oriented, funky sound with electro twists that blends techno, dub, trance, drum’n’bass, ambient and even blues, took the world by storm and has influenced a broad array of artists. They have been featured in soundtracks and film scores, television, and even the 2012 London Summer Olympics. One of the most successful releases of the British boys was, without a doubt, the band’s 1996 album, “Second Toughest in the Infants”. The release included the colossal anthem of a generation ‘Born Slippy.NUXX’, featured in the iconic film ‘Trainspotting’, alongside ‘Dark & Long (Dark Train)’, off the same album. Talk about legendary!

After the departure of Darren Emerson in 2001, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde kept the project alive with many successful releases, including a massive 10-year compilation titled ‘Underworld 1992-2002’. In 2005, Smith and Hyde launched the ‘Riverrun’ project, which delivered brand new music directly to their fans via the internet- three separate works have been released so far.

The electronic band has also started broadcasting an online radio show inspired by their time spent waiting for the emblematic John Peel at the BBC in 2004, who, left for a on holiday in Peru and sadly never returned. In 2013, they produced a four-hour show broadcasted live from Frankfurt’s Cocoon club with Sven Väth – hopefully the first of many more to come.

Underworld is about to release a new album this May on Warp Records. ‘Someday World’ contains nine songs, composed and sung by Eno & Hyde together with a highly distinguished cast of talented supporting musicians. “It’s a bit like being nine years old again. You have no idea what you’ve just been given, the record button has been pressed and you’re on. And then these unlikely patterns start to happen. The biggest surprise was discovering we both had a love of Afrobeat, Cyclical music based in live playing. When Brian played me these early tracks it was, ‘Oh my god, this is home! Can I borrow a guitar?”, said Karl Hyde.

YouTube Preview Image

Written by Carolina Galli

5 Moments That Make It A Perfect Night Out


What makes a perfect night out? For each person it’s a different combination: some hit the club for the music and, if everything else fails,  will still consider it the party of their lives – especially if they’re crazy about the artist (guilty!). Some go for the booze – either planning on getting blackout on the cheapest open bar in town (we’ve all done that) or by enjoying fancy cocktails from their favorite bartender. Others go for the booties – no explanation needed.

Still, there are certain things that take your night to the next level every time, those things that determine whether or not you ditch your Netflix night in favor of a hangover. But trust us, after reading this you’ll be starting the countdown for the weekend with us!

1. Meeting New People

How cliché, right? But partying is, indeed, one of the best ways to get to know new people. If you’re attending the same party, you at least have one interest in common – so, there you have it: a conversation starter.

These are the people who can later become great friends or simply party acquaintances for when all your other whipped friends won’t go out or your broke ones scraping together coins until the next pay day. Not to mention that if you have enough charisma, you can even get in a little networking – you never know when you’ll find a friend of a friend of a friend might just help you out in the future. And yeah, we’re including a possible fling here as well. Make sure that, if you go with a group of friends, you’re open to mingle with others – that’s how you make friends!

PS: this only really works if you see that new “bff” again. Get some numbers before you lose your phone!


2. Getting away from reality

Why is everyone always counting down to the weekend? We aren’t all lucky enough to be able to shell out for partying during the week (or deal with the consequences). Being a semi-adult means sometimes worrying about the ungodly early hour that we’ll have to wake up the next day. So find the perfect spot to spend your precious night off and forget about all the bull for a good, long while.

Parties – nightclubs in particular – are a world apart from reality. You can surrender to the music, listen to other people yap about their own lives and just plain old forget about yourself for a while – so embrace the moment and enjoy the trip. A few drinks always do the trick, but don’t over do it, because hangovers are your worst enemy. PS: extra points if you are able to control the urge to tweet every 5 mins about how amaaaazing your night has been, suckers!

3. Having problem-solving epiphanies

Whether it is with your friends, the bartender or that new “bff” you met in the bathroom – and already invited to your birthday party next week (because she totally gets you, you know?) – having deep conversations about… anything is very liberating. It might be about the last movie you saw, and you’re still debating the ending, or maybe what you will do with your life after you quit your dead-end job and follow your dream to become a <insert here>. But, look, there’s a very thin line between being an interesting insightful human being who can listen to other people’s opinions and being an arrogant know-it-all douche. Don’t be that guy!

PS: These life-changing insights start coming after the third drink, right about the same time as everyone in the bar within a 5-foot radius becomes more attractive – and you, even more charming, funny and witty.

4. Discovering a new favorite song

This one is for the music junkies: there’s nothing more rewarding than listening to a great track for the first time at the right place. Call us old-fashioned, but music is the fuel of a great night. Even if you don’t pay attention to it entirely, even if you’re not the kind that chooses the place solely for the music, a disastrous soundtrack affects your overall experience. But from time to time the rare perfect storm comes together, between a sip or two a song will hypnotize you and give you the uncontrollable urge to beg the DJ for the name of that perfect jam. It will be the song you’ll play on repeat for the next week, annoying your neighbors and powering your push-ups at the gym. PS: Make sure to have a great pair of headphones or speakers to relive the ultimate club experience. In the case of the latter, we encourage you to not give a rat’s ass about your neighbor (we kid, we kid).


5. Tasting the best. food. ever.

After long night of drinking, we all know the end game: your stomach becomes a bottomless pit around 3 a.m. leading to you screaming from the mountaintops for your “DAMN PIZZA!”.  That very first mouthwatering bite of that luscious burrito, pepperoni pizza, greasy poutine or ultra-cheesy mac’n’cheese tastes better than anything you have ever tried in your entire life! Who cares about that healthy diet you started last Monday? You want all the greasy carbs you can take because that food, my friend, will never be as great as when you eat it drunk. Oh, the munchies!

Have we convinced you to start planning your next night out yet? Check out our upcoming parties and choose your favorite. Whether you incorporate one or all five of these moments, we know its going to be an awesome night.

Written by Carolina Galli

ClubZone Guide to a Kick-ass Saint Patricks Day!

Saint Patricks Day

Oh, the long awaited Saint Paddy’s Day is finally just around the corner. We know you’re a party junkie just like us, so we’re here to plan the best Saint Patrick’s Day you can possibly have –  i.e. lots of booze and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Take a look below to get some ideas for how to do the greenest of holidays right. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky!

Step #1: Irish Coffee

Spice up your usual breakfast, subbing a delicious Irish Coffee for the traditional stuff. This drink is usually just a popular after-dinner drink,  but today it’s more than necessary to start your day with a bang. Plus, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Here’s an easy way to make it first thing in the morning: Combine half a cup of good quality coffee, 1 healthy pour of of Irish whiskey and 2 spoonfuls of brown sugar in a mug and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Float 20ml of cold, fresh cream gently on top.

Sláinte! You’re locked and loaded.

Step #2: Choose your green attire

While back in the day in the 17th century men used to pin a shamrock to their lapels to show their Irish heritage during the rebellion against the English, nowadays a big part of Saint Paddys Day is to show the world you’re ready to par-tay. And what a better way than showing everyone that you now exactly what day it is with your head-to-toe green, perhaps questionable wardrobe? No one will be able to doubt that you’re in the spirit = no pinching!

Step #3: If you’re in Chicago, go check the green river miracle

A city’s tradition for over 40 years, the Chicago River turns green on St. Paddy’s Day. Unfortunately it’s not green beer, but an eco-friendly powdered vegetable dye, which takes several days to dissipate. Have you seen it?  It’s not just any green, but the absolute perfect shade of Irish green a la “The Emerald Isle”. Several cities have tried to pull off the same trick unsuccessfully, so it’s truly a unique experience worth checking out if you’re in town. (The best viewing is from the east side of the Michigan Avenue, the west side of the Columbus Drive Bridge, or Wacker Drive (between Michigan Avenue and Columbus Drive.) The action starts at 10am on March 15th so get your Irish coffee supplies the night before!  

Step #4: Have a corned beef and cabbage feast

Everyone knows corned beef and cabbage is the traditional St. Patrick’s Day food, even though it is rarely consumed in Ireland – yeah, that’s right. “The Irish immigrants brought it with them to the United States and it became sort of like a cult food,” says Darina Allen, the infamous Irish chef and respected cookbook author. Besides being delicious when it’s done the right way, it will get your body ready for all of that alcohol that’s head your way…and fast.

Step #5: Choose your party

This year, March 17th Saint Patty’s Day technically takes place on a Tuesday. Lucky for us, that means we have a long weekend to celebrate the date! In Vancouver, you can enjoy three days of heavy pub-crawling and club madness. Shamrock St Saddy’s Day Club Crawl takes you to four different hot clubs in town and hands you cool party favors. Be sure to dress in green! Cambies Bar promises you a hell of a party experience, taking you to different bars – each one with drink specials – starting from 5pm. FanClub hosts a wicked event with three of Vancouver’s all-time favorite Irish bands rocking from 2pm through till the wee hours.

Step #5: Let the drinking commence

We’ve gathered a few must-try drinks so you can make them yourself while preparing to head off to your favorite bar, or ask your ultra-talented bartender to make for you. “Irish spirit” does have a double meaning after all.

Guiness Extra Stout: Join millions of people in enjoying the renowned Irish beer brand. According to the company, over 10 million glasses of that delicious, heavenly, dark stout is consumed on a daily basis worldwide.

Green Beer: Your Saint Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a pint of the traditional green beer. Tip: despite popular belief, the easiest way to make your own is not adding green food coloring to your beer. Choose a light colored beer and add blue pigment instead. That way you can achieve the almighty shade of shamrock green you want.

Irish Car Bombs: First of all, if you order this cocktail in Ireland, you deserve a big slap in the face. Its name is a terrible reference to a dark period in Ireland back in 1989 when IRA planted a car bomb in a shopping district near Belfast, injuring dozens of people. But we know this is a very popular drink in America and it’s delicious, so we’re going stick to the theory that it’s just a very, very bad joke.

While we try to figure out a better name for it, why not have one? Here’s an easy way to make it: pour yourself half a pint of Guinness, enough to cover the height of a shot glass. In a shot glass, pour half an ounce of Jameson Irish Whiskey and half an ounce of Baileys Irish Cream. Drop the shot glass into the beer and knock it back like a champ. Repeat until drunk.

There is only one thing left to say: Go Irish or go home, little leprechaun!

Written by Carolina Galli